【Eco News Biweekly 4.01–6.13】Cosmos,Osmosis,Juno,Tezos

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BlockPower will summarize the ecological news of our launched networks every two weeks. We also have other Article Columns such as【Network Introduction】【BP Knowledge Base】and so on. Welcome to follow us and get more information about Blockchain.


1. Cosmoverse 2022 has been announced

The event will take place in Medellin, Colombia 🇨🇴 in September 27 & 28. Cøsmoverse will keep its community spirit “community first”! There won’t be any VIP areas — so people have direct access to Cosmos thought leaders and core developers.

2. Cosmos Theta Upgrade is going to live

The Cosmos Hub will upgrade its Mainnet on April 12th at block height 10085397. This is a new step for Cosmos to become a fully decentralized and interoperable multi-chain ecosystem.

🔶IBC 3.0

🔶Interchain Accounts

🔶Cosmos SDK V 0.45

3. Grayscale rebalances investment portfolio to include $ATOM

$ATOM has been added to Grayscale Smart Contract Platform ex-Ethereum Fund.


1. Osmosis Frontier is live

With the proliferation of CW20 & bridged assets on Osmosis, the frontier was created to contain all permissionless assets, this means that it’s now possible to trade and pool $wETH, $USDC, $DAI and $USDT bridged over from the gravity bridge.

2. New Osmosiszone community has been launched

The contributor said they will try to create a really decentralized community, where the interests of Community will be more important than interests of small centralized groups.

And people who are full of manipulations, can feel free to join:

3. Coslend Airdrop to ATOM/OSMO stakers

Elections of Osmosis validators to get airdrop with $CLND from @coslend is still ongoing.

# First election of #Cosmos validators ends

# Second elections of #Osmosis validators will start on the 9th of April


1. Juno went down for a few days

The Juno-1 mainnet halted on block 2578108 caused by a malicious smart contract. But fortunately, all funds were safe, the patch successed, consensus reached, and $JUNO went live 48hr later.

2. New feature on Mintscan now live for JunoNetwork


New feature on Mintscan: Smart Contract verification now live for

@CosmWasm on JunoNetwork. Including beautifully organized Code Schema & Code Viewer.


1. Arthur Breitman will be the key speaker of PBWSummit Paris

Arthur Breitman, co-founder of Tezos, will be taking the stage as a key speaker at the PBWSummit Paris on April 13th-14th. Tickets can be get here:

2. Tezos CryptoLife Card is coming soon

Tezos now LIVE with Kieron of BaanxGroup building the @TezosCryptoLife Card.

The first reveal on TezTalks Live! Stream:

3. Tezos India’s collaboration with “Delhi Technical University”

Tezos India aims to make India a Knowledge Society and Economy by empowering the youth of the country through blockchain education along with Tezos Network.


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