【Eco News Biweekly 4.14–4.30】Cosmos,Osmosis,Juno,Tezos

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BlockPower will summarize the ecological news of our launched networks every two weeks. We also have other Article Columns such as【Network Introduction】【BP Knowledge Base】and so on. Welcome to follow us and get more information about Blockchain.


1. AssetMantle is live and a new activity will be hold

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AssetMantle has thrilled to announce that the long-awaited Mantle #Mainnet is now LIVE! and their #InstagramLive with ‘Uday micro artist’ has been arranged to hold on Wednesday, 27th of April at 12:30 pm UTC (18:00 IST).

If you want to know what AssetMantle is, you can check this article.

2. Evmos push launch by 24 hours

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During the discussion, the team agreed that an extra day would benefit us all in aligning on the launch plan more closely; they believe that Evmos cannot launch without 100% confidence.

Details of Evmos recaps can be seen here.

3. Raw_Dao announced its Fairdrop

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Raw_dao wants to reward true believers of $JUNO and #Cosmos ecosystems. The airdrop will be claimable on May 1st and is divided as the following: JunoSwap LPs (100M $RAW) ; JUNO Stakers (80M $RAW) ;Osmosis LPs (20M $RAW)


1. ROI calculator now available on

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The website has been upgraded, they added new features such as: (1)Switch between the App and Frontier; (2) Use our ROI calculator to compute your daily rewards on Osmosis Zone Pools.

2. Election of @Osmosiszone’s canonical bridge is live

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Osmosis is looking for its bridge service provider with Ethereum. There are four candidates: Wormhole / Gravity / Nomad / Axelar.

3. A 15-minute fundamentals is out

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Token Terminal interviews core protocol contributors & together dive into the details behind the charts available on Token Terminal. For our 3rd episode, it had the pleasure of hosting @0xalpo from @osmosiszone.


1. $JUNO on-chain governance proposal #20 is now open for voting.

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Proposer: Needlecast Validator @frey_needlecast

Description: Unity Proposal — Stakedrop Remediation Implementation

Voting duration: 5 days

2. $JUNO on-chain governance proposal #19 is now open for voting.

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Proposer: CCN @takumiasano_jp

Voting duration: 5 days

3. $JUNO on-chain governance proposal #18 is now open for voting.

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Proposer: CCN @takumiasano_jp

Voting duration: 5 days


1. A new governance feature proposal

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A governance feature proposal named ‘Consensus Key’ has been suggested for inclusion in protocol amendment ‘K’ and has been put forward for discussion on @TezosAgora. It has a total 50,000 tez invoice attached if later activated.

2. Upcoming Octez v13 Release

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Tezos To Reach 1000 Transactions Per Second With Upcoming Octez v13 Release.

3. @Tezos Co-Founder & Early-Architect @ArthurB has hold an #AMA on YouTube.

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The AMA was hold on 12:00 PM ET · Apr 23, 2022, Detailed Video can be seen here.


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