【Eco News Biweekly 5.01–5.13】Cosmos,Osmosis,Juno,Tezos

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BlockPower will summarize the ecological news of our launched networks every two weeks. We also have other Article Columns such as【Network Introduction】【BP Knowledge Base】and so on. Welcome to follow us and get more information about Blockchain.

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1. Cosmos Hub Fireside Chat AMA

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Hub Fireside Chat Lead at Interchain @billyrennekamp. This chat is an opportunity to ask Billy anything Cosmos related.

2. Staking in the Cosmos network is accessible

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People can help to play an active role in keeping the Cosmos network secure by staking their assets on-chain. In return for lending security to the network, they’ll receive incentives in the form of staking rewards.

Staking Turorial

3. Interchain Security is coming to Cosmos

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At launch, consumer chains are secured by the full validator set and multi-billion dollar market cap of the Cosmos Hub. Projects will be supported by the most committed, professional and secure validator set in Cosmos.


1. Governance proposals #222–226

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The proposals are posed for Osmosis Stakers talking about a lot of important and time urgent events.

For example, Move 50% of incentives from




2. Osmosis Bridging Proposals

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In the podcast, they talk about the unique governance process used, the various bridge providers involved, and Axelar’s unique approach. Additionally, they talk about Cosmos-based governance systems broadly, and how it differs from those built on Ethereum.

Detailed Proposal Article please click here to read.

3. The $RAW / $OSMO pool is now live on Osmosis zone Frontier

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This pool fee was crowdfunded by the community. Add some liquidity and enjoy trading $RAW on Osmosis. By the way, please be careful of making large trades while liquidity is low.


1. The JUNO Veritas Upgrade was successfully completed

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The unity/veritas prop funds have arrived at their smart contract destination.

2. JUNO on-chain governance proposal #22 is now live.

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Description: Increase validator set to 135 slots

Proposer: Dimi Validator

Voting duration: 5 days

3. $RAW & $JUNO LP incentives are coming

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The first major interchain DEX built on JUNO is launching incentivized pools very soon. Some select pools JUNO/ATOM JUNO/RAW JUNO/UST with dual incentives.


1. Tezos reaches 1,000 TPS.

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The blockchain of the future has already arrived, Tezos Network reaches for 1,000 TPS.

2. The Tezos Foundation Commits £1m To Create An NFT Art Collection To Be Curated By Misan Harriman

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The Tezos Foundation Permanent Collection (PAC) will be created to support and celebrate a new generation of artists that have chosen a smart contract-enabled path to be their true selves. The collection will focus on emerging artists from Africa and Asia and the project will initially be curated and managed by Misan Harriman.

More information can be checked here.

3. A space adventure game ‘Tezotopia Battles’ on Tezos.

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QuicksaveLtd and Gifdotgames have announced the launch of Tezotopia Battles, a space adventure game on Tezos. Tezotopia Battles weaves the Tezos blockchain into its core design with CleanNFT integration.


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