【Eco News Biweekly 5.14–5.31】Cosmos,Osmosis,Juno,Tezos

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BlockPower will summarize the ecological news of our launched networks every two weeks. We also have other Article Columns such as【Network Introduction】【BP Knowledge Base】and so on. Welcome to follow us and get more information about Blockchain.

BlockPower will summarize the ecological news of our launched networks every two weeks. Welcome to follow us.


Injective Announces New Integration with Wormhole

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Projects that the picture show below connecting with each other can bringing more and more liquidity for @cosmos and #IBCgang.

$GNOT Airdrop for $ATOM Holders/Stakers

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Airdrop activity for all $ATOM holders except those who voted yes to #Proposal69.

Stablecoin $CMST for Cosmos

Composite ($CMST — backed by cosmos assets) is a collateralized stablecoin for IBC which is built on Comdex.


Airdrop of $LUNA

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$UST / $LUNA holders on IBC DEXs Osmosis will get airdrop of Luna2.

Tutorial for Osmosis Users to Claim the Terra 2 Airdrop

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Get terra station wallet; Click on add wallet & recover wallet; Give the wallet a name, password & enter your keplr Mnemonic Seed; Choose 118 path.

EerisHQ Added Osmosis Routing

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The First Open Source Infrastructure for Osmosis is Now Available

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Get nodes up, running in digitalocean and contribute.

Osmolabs User Interviews

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Everyone will have a chance to get an opportunity to hang with the product + design teams. Sign up link


$RAW is Now Live on Junoswapdex

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LP Dual incentives are now live for $JUNO / $RAW; $JUNO / $ATOM; $JUNO / $USDC (Tbd).And LP Single incentives are now live for $JUNO / $NETA; $JUNO / $OSMO; $RAW / $OSMO.

$JUNO On-chain Governance Proposal #24 is Now Live

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Redirect incentives from prop 14 for the JUNO/UST pool to JUNO/USDC bridged through Axelar. Proposal Link.

New Wallet Project ‘Leap’ Joined the $JUNO Ecosystem

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Leap is a Super Wallet for web3. Giving people access to Defi, NFTs, staking & more in- wallet.

New DEX Project ‘Loop Finance’ Joined the $JUNO Ecosystem

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Loop Finance is the second largest Terra #DEX and #NFT marketplace is migrating to $JUNO.

Kado_Money Joined the $JUNO Ecosystem

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Kado will bring payments infrastructure and specifically fiat on/off ramp solutions to users, wallets + apps in the Junoverse.

$JUNO / $OSMO Pool is Now Live

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14 day bonding now allows stakers to earn an additional 15% APR on their LP position.


Tezos Cooperate with ArtBasel Hong Kong

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NFTs + The Ever-Evolving World of Art

Tezos India Has Teamed with LigoLang

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Tezos India has teamed with LigoLang to assist people becoming a full-fledged developer and creating their own #NFT Marketplace. (1st — 4th June ⏰ 12:30 PM IST)

Tezos and The New Digital Geography of NFTs

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@DianeDrubay speaks to some of the leading creators in the Tezos Ecosystem about the art of building community.

New Tezos Transaction Analysis Article

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Taking a detailed look at transaction grouping on the Tezos Blockchain as a measure of transaction complexity. Article Online

Tickets for TezDev Paris 2022

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From July 21–23, join builders, creators, and innovators from across the Tezos Ecosystem in Paris for developer workshops, networking, and more. Get Tickets.


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