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BlockPower will summarize the ecological news of our launched networks every two weeks. We also have other Article Columns such as【Network Introduction】【BP Knowledge Base】and so on. Welcome to follow us and get more information about Blockchain.

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Evmos and Sputnik Network Are Connected


Send tips with $EVMOS directly on Twitter, it will send 0.123 $EVMOS to @fekunze balance.

Integration of the Graph Protocol with Cosmoshub


The beta integration of the Graph Protocol with Cosmoshub is complete.

🖼️NFT and 🐶Meme Projects in The Cosmos Ecosystem


The NFT boom has attracted a significant number of investors; The trend of pouring money into MEMECOIN is also popular.


New Video From @Cryptocito About Osmosis

Link / Video Link

😵 Osmosis chain halt

😵 $5 million bug exploit

😵 $OSMO price destroyed

😵 Dapp + ecosystem growth

😵 Upcoming $OSMO thirdening

The Osmosis Thirdening Is Coming


✔ To occur on Epoch 367 which takes place June 20,2022.

✔ Modeled after #BTC halving

✔ Inflation will be cut by 1/3

✔ Token issuance will decrease as follows 300M➡️200M➡️133M and so on

✔ Allows $OSMO to reach asymptotic Max Supply of 1B

Tokens Removed ($LUNC and $USTC)


The $LUNC and $USTC tokens will be removed from the site as they are no longer receiving chain incentives and have extremely low liquidity. The tokens will still be available on

Code Vulnerability Event: Loss of Funds in Osmosis Liquidity Pools


The swift and decisive action taken by Osmosis validators and community members allowed scope of exploitation to be relatively small. While detailed calculation is still in progress, the total amount overdrawn is estimated at around $5M.

Osmosis v9 Nitrogen Upgrade


💱 Token Factory (native SDK token minting)

💱 Variable Voting Periods for gov. props

💱 Superfluid stakers can override Validators votes

💱 IBC v3 with Interchain Accounts

💱 Non-Osmo TxFees swapped to Osmos


Airdrop From SubQueryNetwork to Support Juno Network


To celebrate SubQueryNetwork’s growth into Cosmos via JunoNetwork, SubQueryNetwork decided to run a $5,000 $SQT token airdrop competition for their community & all Cosmonauts.

New Juno Network Content Arrived

Link / Video Link

➡️$JUNO price performance

➡️ Juno dApp development

➡️ DAOs coming to Juno

➡️ Potential & outlook

Juno 🤝 Loop


When tasked with the mission of re-launching on a new blockchain, Juno Network was the first that came to mind for Loop’s suite of products.

JunoSwap Is Back Live


JunoSwap is back live. The patch was successful.

OmniFlix Now Supports $JUNO for Listing and Collection of NFT


😎Creators, access $JUNO when listing from while minting of NFTs; 😎Collectors, use $JUNO to list owned NFTs on


Tezos Tuesday Clubhouse


🎨 fxhash × Tezos × ArtBase


From June 16–19, the fxhash interacting minting experience is live in Basel.



This #TezosArtWeek, Tezos hears from three voices from Asia’s art community — a stellar generative artist, a pioneering contemporary art curator and a prominent NFT collector.

Turing College x Tezos


The 2 months course will support web2 devs entering the Tezos web3 ecosystem.


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