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BlockPower will summarize the ecological news of our launched networks every two weeks. We also have other Article Columns such as【Network Introduction】【BP Knowledge Base】and so on. Welcome to follow us and get more information about Blockchain.

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🔥 Top 5 #Cosmos Chains by IBC Volume


🔶 $OSMO — $590M

🔶 $ATOM — $289M

🔶 $AXL — $163M

🔶 $CRO — $81M

🔶 $JUNO — $78M

🔥 Evmos Stats


🔥 Cosmic Aliens #NFTs


Cosmic Aliens #NFTs will be launched on @StargazeZone @JunoNetwork @EvmosOrg @OmniFlixNetwork @SecretNetwor and all over the CosmosEcosystem to expedite the mass adoption of Cosmos. And they just launched a New Website.

🔥 dYdX Coming to Cosmos Ecosystem


Decentralized Perpetual Contracts Platform called @dYdX coming to Cosmos Ecosystem.

🔶It will have own Cosmos SDK based chain

🔶It will bring $BTC, $SOL, $DOT, $ETH decentralized perpetuals to Cosmos

🔶Potential $OSMO, $JUNO and other Cosmos coins perpetuals.

🔥 Commodo #TwitterSpaces with Cosmos Ecosystem


The team discussed the developments and utility of the Commodo platform and

@ComdexOfficial’s module used in it.

📅 21 June, Tuesday 15:00 UTC

Recording of the AMA can be listened to here.

🔥 $ATOM Will Be Connected with THORChain Soon


Benefits are below:

🔶Enter and exit into @cosmos with $RUNE or $BTC

🔶More liquidity for @CosmosEcosystem

🔶It will also connect @Polkadot with @axelarcore and @THORChain


🔥 Osmosiszone Cool Collective Art


If anyone asks what @osmosiszone is, show them this picture.

🔥 Osmosiszone Thirdening Has Come


To occur on Epoch 367 which took place June 20,2022.

🔶Modeled after #BTC halving

🔶Inflation will be cut by 1/3

🔶Token issuance will decrease as follows 300M➡️200M➡️133M and so on

🔶Allows $OSMO to reach asymptotic Max Supply of 1B


🔥 Juno Network Core Member’s Interview

LinkYoutube Link

The video is a short recap of great interview with @dimiandre about current Juno Network’s situation and plans, for example:

🔸Juno now working to be more decentralized with the help of SubDAOs

🔥 Multiverse Upgrade


Inter-chain accounts are coming to Juno Network.

🔥 Talis Protocol Arrives on Juno Ecosystem


One of the main purposes of Talis is to be accessible for everyone, and Multichain is a step in the right direction. The Cosmos is consistently expanding.

🔥 Auto-Compounding Strategies for $JUNO


Yieldmos has auto-compounding strategies for $ATOM, $JUNO, $OSMO, and $XPRT.

This is the App.

🔥 Coinhall Real-Time Price Charts and Analytics to The Juno Network is Under Preparing


This can allow easy viewing of all JUNO CW-20 assets on-chain. 📈

Launch Date ETA: Early July

🔶What is $JUNO & some core differentiators

🔶Tokenomics, Vesting & Grants

🔶 Ecosystem & Team resources

🔥 DAODAO V1 now on Juno Network Mainnet


DAO DAO V1 has lived on the Juno testnet before.

🔶Next gen, twice audited smart contracts (by @SecurityOak and @security_dao).

🔶Overhauled DAO creation flow.

🔶Updated homepage.

🔶Improved performance and incremental loading.


🔥 Weekly #Tezos Space


Happening 6.30 at 6PM EST, co-hosted with the @dns team.

Discussing the latest Tezos updates and the launch of Hyperminter, a new batch minting tool by the DNS team.

🔥 Tezos’s 10th Upgrade is Now Live


Its main feature is Transaction Optimistic Rollups, the first protocol native scaling solution on Tezos. 🚀

🔥 TezDev Paris 2022 Exhibition


Join builders, creators, and innovators from across the Tezos Ecosystem at #TezDev Paris 2022 for developer workshops, networking, and more.

🗓 July 21–23

📍 Paris 10e

Registration ➡ Get the Ticket.

🔥 Tezos (XTZ) is Live on the Bitkub Exchange


$XTZ has officially been listed on the Bitkub Exchange on June 23rd, 2022 at 13:00.

🔥 New #Tezos Batch Minting Tool — Hyperminter


Hyperminter is a tool that collaborated with @sfdotstudio, together creating the most feature-complete batch minter on Tezos with a smooth user experience to match.

Detailed introduction article can be checked here.

🔥 Tezos x VidCon


ICYMI: @Tezos x @VidCon occurred last week! ✨


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