Aptos Whitepaper Interpretation — Update Content Summary

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Ⅰ. Node Requirements Update

Comparison of ValidatorNode and FullNode

  1. For the AIT-2 node operators, a ValidatorNode is a necessary choice, and a FullNode is an optional selection. In other words, a FullNode is not required.
  2. Making sure there is a resource isolation between the Validator and the FullNode, which would help ensure smooth deployment of these nodes.
  3. Better deploy both types of nodes on the cloud to ensure the best availability and stability. Terraform support was provided for deploying the node on three cloud providers: GCP, AWS and Azure.
  4. Make sure that ports after either being accepted or rejected for the AIT-2 are closed.

Hardware Requirements

Storage Requirements

Nodes need to have at least 300GB of disk space to ensure adequate storage space for load testing.

Networking Requirements

Bandwidth requirement: 1 Gbps

Ⅱ. Node Scoring Mechanism Content Update

Node Scoring Mechanism Changes

The key elements of node scoring mechanism changes from voting performance to proposer performance.

Proposer Selection Mechanism Changes

Improvements are made in the proposer election. In specific, enhanced the voting-power-weighted proposer election and statistics across the epochs.

III. Node Development Outlook

Enhance Proof-of-stake Consensus

  1. Stakers can choose validators based on past experience and personal preferences.
  2. To participate in transaction validation on the Aptos blockchain, validators must have a minimum required amount of staked Aptos tokens. The staked amounts proportionately affect the 2f +1 stake weighted PoAv during transaction dissemination as well as vote weights and leader selection during block metadata ordering. Validators decide on the split of rewards between themselves and their respective stakers. Stakers can select any number of validators in which to stake their tokens for a pre-agreed reward split. At the end of every epoch, validators and their respective stakers will receive their rewards via the relevant on-chain Move modules. Any validator operator with sufficient stake can freely join the Aptos blockchain. All parameters, including the minimum stake required, can be set by the on-chain enablement processes.

Performance Optimization

In the future, attention will be paid to those more powerful hardware, which would be the key part of optimizing the performance of a single node — — each validator will be considered as a cluster built into a single machine.

Validators Extension

The Aptos blockchain will continue to optimize individual validator performance, as well as experiment with scaling techniques that add more validators to the network. Both directions have distinct trade-offs. Any blockchain with parallel execution capabilities can support additional concurrency by requiring more powerful hardware or even structuring each validator as a cluster of individual machines. However, there are practical limits to the number of global validators that is commensurate with the cost and complexity for validator operators. The rise and popularity of serverless databases in cloud services exemplify how few entities can efficiently deploy and maintain these types of complex distributed systems.


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