BlockPower Dashboard-Beta Introduction

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BlockPower Dashboard-Beta Introduction

1 Mins read

BlockPower Dashboard is a blockchain dashboard for Crypto Assets, created by a team of cryptocurrency enthusiasts(BlockPower) in 2022. This is our first self-developed product.

Product Original Intention

Our goal is to provide the most colorful and comprehensive blockchain dashboard for various zones in the different blockchain ecosystem. The first beta, we chose Cosmos Ecosystem as our main battlefield, because we believe it’s the blockchain of the future, with some great projects like Osmosis and large adopters like

Dashboard Beta Features

Interchain Explorer

Based on the Cosmos Ecosystem, supporting amounts of networks, including newest testnets.

Staking Provider

Available 24/7, easy to stake and auto compound.

Online Governance

Reminder of active proposals, popular votes, urgent emergencies and breaking community news.

Testnet Services

Service of faucet, RPC, API, testnet alert, testnet monitoring and so on.

Devnets Tools

Tools of syncing: State Sync and snapshots that can help to reduce time of syncing from days to minutes.

Future Outlook

More surprise functions such as re-stake will be published in the future version. We believe in data openness when it comes to the blockchain. We think that everyone should be able to search the data information in a blockchain without professional computer skills. Transparency and convenience are the keys when they come to the world of cryptocurrencies and our mission is to make it accessible to everyone.

Introduction to BlockPower

BlockPower is one of the best user-oriented service provider teams, focusing on Crypto Assets and Blockchain Financial Data. At present, the services BlockPower provides include Assets Management, Staking Service and Community Governance.

It is worth mentioning that BlockPower is the genesis validator of Cosmos (since: Mar 13, 2019; Ranked: 30) and Tezos (since: Aug 20, 2018; Ranked 33).

BlockPower’s Advantages


BlockPower almost grew together with the establishment of the PoS consensus. For instance, we have become Cosmos Genesis Validator since March 13, 2019.


BlockPower is one of the earliest participating service providers in Cosmos Network and Tezos Network. Furthermore, we have colorful experience in operating other networks like Juno, Osmosis, Aptos and so on (not only include Mainnet but also contain Devnets ). We have rich experience in emergency escalation, which reflects our instant crisis response capability.


BlockPower is actively participating in governance (like voting proposals and discussing in forums and discord channels), and what’s more, we have our own blog, disclosing information frequently.

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